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This took a lot of courage to do


(I cannot handle this oh my gosh)

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A Choice with No Regrets Character Design:
    Levi / Farlan / Isabel


A Choice with No Regrets Character Design:
    Levi / Farlan / Isabel
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Hello, dear followers!

I can’t believe that there are so many of you already! I’m actually quite surprised haha. Since we’re all friends now, you should totally send me messages ((since this is also an ask blog))! So if you have any questions or anything, send them my way! I look forward to what you all have to say!

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A Choice With No Regrets Special. Japanese scans.

I did kind of a rough translation if anyone’s interested (I didn’t include the title page because all it says is A Choice With no Regrets Spin Off Spring Festival and some other stuff I can’t really read because of the quality of the scans). Feel free to critique. I don’t translate things very often so some things could probably be translated better.

Page 1

Subtitle: 6 years before the main story, in the capital’s underground

Shopkeeper: SOOO RYAAAAAAA!!

mediator guy: OOOOHHH! The shopkeeper wins again!

spectator guy: He’s undefeated!

Loser guy: Guaaaaa—

Shopkeeper: What’s this? I win again!! Is there no one else man enough to challenge me? I won’t show mercy!!

Shopkeeper: You guys are thugs of the underground, so show me your guts!!

Shopkeeper: That’s right…

Page 2

Shopkeeper: If you beat me, not only will I let you eat free of charge, I’ll also let you have whatever you want!

Shopkeeper: You can even have have my wife if you like!!

Shopkeeper’s wife: Hey! You’d better not intend to lose!

Levi: …

Farlan: Huh!?

Isabel: OH!? You’re gonna do it, Aniki!? (TN: I left aniki untranslated because I think it sounds cuter. It means ‘big bro’ if anyone doesn’t know)

Levi: Hey…

Levi: I’ll challenge you.

Page 3

Shopkeeper: Levi, huh…?

Shopkeeper: I’ve wanted to have a match with you.

Shopkeeper: I don’t know how good you are, but can you beat me with brute strength?

Isabel: Go Aniki! You can do it!!

Farlan: Hey, spare us the one-night-stand with the old lady…

Mediator guy: Get ready.

Mediator guy: And…

Page 4

Mediator guy: GO!!


Levi: I win.

Levi: I’ll take my prize without hesitation.

Page 5

Levi: …

Shopkeeper’s wife:…

Shopkeeper: I’m begging you! Don’t take my wife!

Shopkeeper’s wife: !

Levi: As I thought… Isn’t this a rare kind of tea?

Levi: Let’s get the hell out of here.

Isabel: Thanks for the free meal!

Text box: A few years ago in the capital’s underground, they happened upon Levi when he was a thug famous for many different things. (really REALLY rough. If anyone has a better translation for this line, I’m all ears).

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Correct me if I’m wrong but Levi appears to be wearing his pants backwards

dammitI thought no one would notice


Correct me if I’m wrong but Levi appears to be wearing his pants backwards

I thought no one would notice

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I made sad brownies

happy munday

I made sad brownies

happy munday

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bye heichou

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Friendly reminder that this is the fucking military in a dystopian society, and if you can’t stomach that then you should probably stop reading.

Also if you see nothing wrong with the above but see problems with chapter 56, then you’re a sexist piece of trash.

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we’re deleting all snk fandom blogs, go out and read a bible


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