This Lame-Ass Needs a Nap

Greetings cadets. (This is my blog for cosplay and keeping track of things. Ask me questions in or out of character, give me suggestions, or just watch me make a fool of myself. P.S. this is a side-blog and I am very new at this so please go easy on me.) Love you ( ˘ ³˘)❤


This bitch. 


This bitch. 

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I was tagged on this thing by Petobb.

Give 5 fandom facts about yourself, then tag 10 others. (Um, I don’t really have any fandom related facts so you will have to deal with a shitton of random facts about myself.)

dat me leleleleleel

1. My name is Jove nice to meet you (some people already know that whoops sorry + I do not care how you pronounce it + my full name feels too formal for social media I promise my parents did not name me after the Roman king of gods even though I would LOVE THAT).
2. I have a fear of contortion-ism/ contortionists (keep that shit away from me).
3. I am a total n00b at costumes and all; Levi is my first cosplay and I have just begun to attend conventions (I have helped some friends costume themselves and made some things but I need some serious practice before I continue).
4. I have been playing violin for almost 3 years (feels like longer though).
5. I like arachnids and the brilliance of their anatomy and their neat abilities (don’t get the wrong idea though; I am not fine with being placed into a vat of scorpions).

P.S. I am there with you in that bubble of denial, Peto.

As for tagging, I guess everyone I would tag has already been.

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let’s get this one out of the way first, shall we. 


let’s get this one out of the way first, shall we. 

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I tried out what I think a modern Levi would look like

pretty classy guy

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i got this bruh


i got this bruh

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( I’m so laaaaaazzzyyyyyy )

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Special Operations Squad Petra Ral
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Friday Eruri meet at ax! Just the ending shots off my phone.

I’ll save you the one with just me +4 Erwins. I think I made a Yuno face.

AKA: The Levis weren’t willing to touch each other the entire time and meanwhile the Erwins were ready to make ~sweet papa group love~

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